“Rarely do I take the time to send a letter regarding home improvements or repairs. I don’t usually write because most of the work done on my home is usually mediocre at best. However, today I want to thank you for an exceptional job by your company on refinishing our limestone flooring. It actually looks better than we installed it seven years ago. The quality of your work is appreciated and admired daily. It is refreshing to meet someone your age that exhibits such professionalism. Your crew of young men has a great work ethic and is so very pleasant to have in my home. The project was conducted with extreme care for our home and furniture. I had a lot of confidence in your crew when I saw that they were professionally dressed, your equipment and vehicles were well cared for and those same considerations were given to my home. I am pleased to offer myself as unsolicited referral should any of your potential customers desire to speak with me. Your quality of work, cleanliness and finish work was outstanding. I highly recommend any homeowner to give your company first consideration of any refinishing of stonework. Thanks for a job well done.”

Bud B.

Dear Pat,

This past week you and Tony spent three days in our home in the Carmel Valley area of San Diego. The home has marble throughout the living, dining, and bathroom, and because of a recent first floor flood, it had been scratched by all the heavy drying machinery. The kitchen has a white tile floor and the grout had been heavily soiled by the flood and the rehab contractors. We hired Natural Stone to sand and polish the marble as well as to clean the kitchen grout and polish the tile. We couldn’t be more pleased. You and Tony were the most punctual, courteous, and professional contractors we’ve ever worked with. You started every day on time, and when you ended each day you had cleaned and tidied up the work areas. But even more important is the quality of the work. The marble is absolutely gorgeous!! The scratches are completely gone and the shine is that of a brand new floor. It is stunningly beautiful.

Your high standards for quality and your attention to detail was most impressive. I would happily refer to you and sing your company’s praises to anyone.

Trish Williams

I want to take a moment and thank you for the fabulous job you and your staff did to restore my travertine stone. What a wonderful experience it was to have a professional group of floor specialists come to my home and make our floor look like new again. It was a pleasure from start to finish. Your staff took care of everything from moving to cleanup. They were very clear in explaining the entire process every step of the way and involving us in any decisions that needed to be made during the process. Even after the project was completed, your staff continued to impress, by taking their time to explain how to continue to care for our stone so that it will look beautiful for years to come. We really appreciate all you did for us and will gladly recommend you to all our friends, family and business associates.

Steve and Marsha Tempel

“I needed to get my porcelain tiles sealed in my new house because they were staining, but all of the ’tile guys’ out there told me it was impossible to seal porcelain since it is non-porous. I was referred to Patrick of Natural Stone Care and couldn’t be more pleased with his work. Patrick is very professional and met me at my house to check out the problem. Before guaranteeing anything, he took some samples of my tile to test his sealer product and brought them back for me to check out. Only once we were both assured his product would work on all 2,000 square feet of my tile did Patrick take on the project. He and his team were on time, courteous, and professional. His pricing was reasonable and he was very easy to work with. He managed to take photos and measurements of all the furniture in my house before starting the project and then returned it all to the exact same condition/location after cleaning and sealing all of my floors.

My floors now look beautiful and do NOT stain anymore! I would gladly refer Natural Stone Care to anyone with any tile or stone needs…no matter how ‘impossible’ the project may seem!”

Stacie M.

“We contracted with Pat Mahler, Natural Stone Care, to deep clean, resurface, and seal natural stone areas at our home in Fallbrook. The project encompassed about 800 S.F. of travertine floor, 250 S.F. of marble shower & counter tops, and 160 S.F. of granite kitchen counter tops. The shower areas had problems with mildew/fungus in the perimeter grout areas and the kitchen travertine floor area was badly soiled/worn from seven or more years of use.

Our fabricator, Davis Stone, recommended Natural Stone Care as the company to resurface and seal the stone areas. Natural Stone Care’s evaluation and quotation on the work was the most detailed, comprehensive, and specific regarding the scope of the work to be performed. Their quotation provided a clear understanding of their intended restoration process.

Their craftsmen are professional, courteous, thorough and proficient. In the shower with great precision they carefully removed the grout in the problem floor areas and seams between the marble slabs and re-grouted with acrylic material. Surface areas were expertly refinished to a gloss finish removing years of etching and scale. The well worn kitchen floor areas were expertly cleaned, repaired/filled, and polished to the point that they look better than new. Most impressively, over the course of the several days the project required for completion, each and every day our house was left clean with minimal impact on our continued use and enjoyment of our home. Also, we were completely comfortable leaving the house in their care with instructions on how to secure the property at days end.

It is apparent to us that Pat, Tony, and Natural Stone Care take their commitment to customer satisfaction very personally. We will be relying on them for the care of all our natural stone surfaces in the future and confidently recommend them to all.”

Parker Mahnke & Margie Beebe

“I recently had Natural Stone Care clean and polish the French limestone floors throughout our home. Our three miniature schnauzers had made minor surface scratches on the floor as they run about the house. My objective was to also remove these scratches. Natural Stone Care did an excellent job. The final results were better than any other contractor we have used for this work. They consistently arrived on time. They left the areas being worked on clean and neat at the end of each work day so as not to leave our home in a state of disruption. They were extremely careful to ensure that baseboards, walls and corners were not scratched or damaged in anyway by their buffers. Knowing that we have pets they utilized a water based sealer that was not toxic to animals and did not have the strong chemical smell of other sealing products. I highly recommend Natural Stone Care and anticipate having them perform the routine maintenance of our floors in the future.”

Craig Benedetti