Using specialized equipment and professional grade products, we know how to get even years of soiling and buildup of dulling material off, revealing a fresh and clean surface.

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Many think that when their surfaces become dulled, scratched or otherwise damaged it’s time to replace. In our expert hands your surfaces can be repaired, honed, polished and restored to like new.

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Let’s face it—accidents happen. But there are ways to minimize or protect against many kinds of damage. Ask us how we can protect your fine surfaces to help keep them at their best.

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expert craftsmanship family Orange County CA

Allow me to introduce you to Natural Stone Care, a family owned business dedicated to expert craftmanship.

Since 1988 we have been serving Southern California — Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Diego — with specialized cleaning, refinishing, honing, polishing, and protection services and easy to use core products for all interior and exterior natural stone, tile, grout, concrete, glass, metal and wood surfaces. Our flooring, countertop, shower, driveway…. garage and pool surround services are offered to both residential and commercial clients.

We are a family owned and operated company. comprised of meticulous, expert craftsmen who specialize in customized interior and exterior travertine cleaning, stone cleaning and tile and grout cleaning for homeowners, specifiers, builders, architects, realtors, and property managers.

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Highly trained and experienced technicians
for all your hard surfaces.

Service Overview

Natural Stone

Why replace your natural stone when we can restore it’s elegance for less?

Tile and Grout

Let us get your tile & grout looking as great as the day it was installed.

Polished Concrete

More beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance than you can imagine.


The quality of our glass services is nothing short of crystal clear.



Enjoy the breathtaking warmth of your hardwood floors once more.



Metal renewal services that outshine all the rest.


These tips and articles address many common concerns about day-to-day maintenance, as well as not-so-common problems.
We regularly add new content, so please visit often, because you might find some very valuable new information.

Orange County Marble Floor Cleaning

Is Natural Stone Hard as a Rock?

The old idiom “hard as a rock…” has contributed to the formation of imprecise opinions about natural stone, which loses beauty without maintenance.
Is Natural Stone Hard as a Rock? People have been hearing the old idiom “hard as a rock…” since they were young, and over the
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Environmentally-Friendly Natural Stone

Fred Hueston, Chief Technical Director for surpHaces and Founder of Stone Forensics weighs in on whether natural stone is an environmentally friendly choice…
Is Natural Stone An Environmentally-Friendly Choice? Granite, marble, travertine, and other natural stone materials can create a warmer and more inviting atmosphere in a home
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Stone Stain Remover

The Unexpected Stone Stain Remover

If you have a stubborn stain that is unresponsive to traditional stain removal methods, such as poulticing, just head down to your local beauty supply store.
Once upon a time a woman was preparing to dye her hair and accidentally spilled some 40 volume creme developer on her marble vanity top,
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Dear Pat,

This past week you and Tony spent three days in our home in the Carmel Valley area of San Diego. The home has marble throughout the living, dining, and bathroom, and because of a recent first floor flood, it had been scratched by all the heavy drying machinery. The kitchen has a white tile floor and the grout had been heavily soiled by the flood and the rehab contractors. We hired Natural Stone to sand and polish the marble as well as to clean the kitchen grout and polish the tile. We couldn’t be more pleased. You and Tony were the most punctual, courteous, and professional contractors we’ve ever worked with. You started every day on time, and when you ended each day you had cleaned and tidied up the work areas. But even more important is the quality of the work. The marble is absolutely gorgeous!! The scratches are completely gone and the shine is that of a brand new floor. It is stunningly beautiful.

Your high standards for quality and your attention to detail was most impressive. I would happily refer to you and sing your company’s praises to anyone.

Trish Williams
, Carmel Valley in San Diego, CA