Glass Backsplash

If your glass is drawing attention, then it needs attention.

Unless your glass has decorative etching or a special finish, it should be virtually invisible. If your glass has lost its clarity, we can help.

When people think about glass damage, they usually think about irreparable breakage or shattering. But other more subtle forms of glass damage can take a toll over the course of time. Glass can becomes corroded, stained, scratched, and etched.

Proper protection of glass is important during the construction process or when maintenance on surround areas is performed. Unfortunately, proper protection doesn’t always happen. With high traffic and heavy use areas, like entrances, scratches are pretty much guaranteed to happen.

Glass Restoration and Protection

Our safe and effective abrasive cleaning processes remove imperfections such as hard water stains, paint, and other materials that bond with glass during construction or maintenance of surrounding areas and prepare the glass surface for protective treatments that stay put, even with cleaning, and protect the glass from contaminants and wear.

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