Dear Patrick!!! “Please find a check in the amount of $1,804.25 which is payment in full for the BEAUTIFUL job your company did on our floors!!! It is very rare that a company exceeds my expectations, but YOU and your WONDERFUL crew did exactly that!!! Your guys were on time and so friendly and courteous. They handled all my prized possessions with the utmost care! Now let’s discuss my floors………….. WOW is all I can say!!! I am so blown away at how dirty they were; when I actually thought they were clean…….(GO FIGURE). The INCREDIBLE job that was done in fixing the cracks was nothing short of EXTRAORDINARY, thank you!!! If this letter sounds like I am happy, I am and promise that everyone I know who has stone floors will be giving you a call!!!!! Don’t forget to put us on a maintenance plan!!” Sincerely, Candace Cohen, Carlsbad, CA

Candace Cohen,